Lead me

Lord lead me to a life that my demons cannot follow,

Though I know you're there, I feel so hollow,

All empty and full of nothingness,

Lord, show me the power of your holiness,

Fill me with your love and help me find,

Who I'm meant to be, and leave these shadows far behind,

Without You, I cannot do this,

Around every corner I only find a demons kiss,

Stealing the very life that you have given to me,

Lord, take them away, and set my mind free,

It hurts so bad to see my husband question why,

Why he cannot fix me or help me fly,

What he doesn't realize, is that without him, I will surly die,

He is my safe place and makes me feel complete,

Though at times all I can feel is the devils defeat,

It is not him, but the demons in my mind,

I'm struggling to fight them to leave them behind,


Where I can live peacefully with my husband forever in Your Grace

  • Autor: melsanti (Offline Offline)
  • Publicado: 12 de Novembro de 2023 10:01
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  • Maria dorta

    May bê you need a psycholist help to make you understand better your feelings and give you a way to set your soul free. It isnot a God problem,my dear poete!

    • melsanti

      Obrigada minha amiga,
      I will look into it

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