God has a plan

God has a plan for you, are you ready to receive,


Receive His love and blessings,never will he deceive,


He will guide you to your destiny if you allow it,


But you must listen for His call,His will,will be done in a time that He sees fit,


God is never late nor early,His timing is always right,


Watch for Him, He will pull you out of the darkness and into the light,


The love of Jesus will light your way,


And you will see, even on the darkest day,


I know that you\'ve felt alone and have probably blamed God for something bad,


Just know my friends that He never left you, even though you were angry and sad,


Certain things has to happen for His plan to come to light,


Beware my brothers and sisters, He is coming, like a thief in the night,


He will deliver us from the coming things that will happen soon,


The coming events are beyond anything you can ever imagine,


I pray that you will come to Him before these things happen,


There will be horrors only heard of in Hollywood,


I\'m not trying to force anything on any of you, only saying that you should,


You\'re free to make a choice and believe what you will,


But I will pray for you all, still.